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"Because Lives Depend on Us."

What We Offer

Stat Courier LLC in Roseville, California is a trusted delivery service company in Northern and Central California area since 2014. We understand and recognize the significance of medical deliveries as it can literally make the difference between life and death in the healthcare industry. 

We are known for our meticulous handling of medical supplies and samples within the medical community, including laboratories, hospitals, institutional pharmacies and many more. We make sure that our system of comprehensive chain of custody tracking and quality control management are in place. We know that every move can affect the lives of patients and the reputation of our clients.

We comply with the guidelines of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Our medical delivery vehicles are equipped with partitioned coolers and spill kits for the secure movement of blood products, medical specimens and life-saving organs. Our drivers and staff have been trained on the proper policies and procedures of transporting medical specimens and medication.

Our drivers are not just restricted to picking up samples from hospitals and labs. They can also pick up lab specimens directly from the patients and safely deliver the samples to the labs and hospitals. They have received training in managing medical products under stringent rules, stern security, constant surveillance and public safety. They can handle special requests, re-routing issues, and life-threatening situations.

Healthcare institutions like hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, and medical warehouses appreciate the conveniences of using a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company. Our experience in medical delivery and logistics makes us the industry leader in transporting the following:

    • Medical records
    • Blood
    • X-rays
  • Lab Results
  • Medical Supplies
  • Lab Specimens
  • Surgical instrument
  • MR/radiology films
  • Medical Equipment

We also specialize in deliveries for the pharmaceutical industry. We can pick up or deliver to unique hospice facilities, long-term care centers, and transport radioactive drugs, testing supplies, and general medical equipment. We are able to serve wholesale or retail pharmacies with home prescription deliveries, too.

We can manage the delivery of medical equipment such as:

    • First aid kits
    • Iron lungs
    • Nebulizers
  • Catheters
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds
  • ECG monitor
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Blood testing strips

Our company utilizes a fleet of vehicles with GPS technology, allowing us to choose the nearest delivery vehicle that can accommodate your needs. Our medical deliveries are tracked 24/7 to keep our customers updated on the whereabouts of their delivery.

We work to ensure that your costs are minimized while maximizing the efficiency of your deliveries. Depending on your time and budget, we have multiple service level options that are suitable to your needs. We can also customize our service levels to meet your delivery deadlines. Here are some examples of our on-demand services:

    • 45-Minute Direct Delivery – Picked up by closest available courier and taken ASAP
    • 1 Hour – For your urgent needs
    • 90 Minutes – Cost containment solutions
    • 2-Hour STAT Delivery – The delivery will be completed within 2 hours
    • Route Medical Courier Delivery
    • Scheduled Medical Deliveries

Medical Courier Service

            • Medical reports
            • Lab specimens

    • Surgical instruments
    • Blood

Our Courier Services

            • On-Demand Service
            • Route Service
    • Dock Truck Services
    • Scheduled Service
    • White Glove Service

We also provide trucking services. Trucking may require a longer lead time depending on the size and type of truck needed and the time it takes to get the trucker in place. We will need to know the contents and approximate weight of the goods to be carried and transported.

We also work with the following companies and individuals: Amazon, Deliv Inc,  Postmates, Pacific Coast Logistics, Uber, Vitalant (formally Bloodsource), UPS, Guardian, Shipt, Kaiser, Mercy, Diginity, DHL, law firms, dentists, and doctors.

Why Choose Us

  • Accessibility of couriers in different cities
  • Rush service with immediate same-day delivery (usually within 60 minutes)
  • Standard service with same-day delivery within hours
  • Routed service where shipments are picked up and delivered
  • Handling and delivery of extra weight shipments up to the weights that are usually handled in commercial flights
  • Flexible waiting time for the shipment to arrive or to be delivered to the destination
  • Increased insurance available for items with a minimum value of $100
  • Weekend and holiday pick-up and delivery
  • Unified detailed invoicing 

We also offer the best rates for our courier services. Call us now to learn more about our “choose-your-own-rate” payment scheme. 


First Flight Out® is a door-to-door delivery service operating within the United States, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories. With thousands of commercial and cargo flights and courier options, we can help you manage the perfect pick-up and delivery schedule of your packages by selecting the best flights for your air cargo.

This option is ideal for packages weighing up to 90* pounds. For heavier packages, there are express flight guaranteed freight options you can choose from.

We also offer overnight and charter services for hazardous materials and household items as some commercial airlines do not accept these types of packages for shipping. If you’re transporting animals, kindly contact your local airport for more information on how you can make proper arrangements.

We follow federal laws and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. This may limit what flights are available to you until we establish you as a Known Shipper per the Transportation Security Administration.

*Some airlines will accept heavier packages on designated flights.

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